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Welcome all to my first blog.
The plan for this blog is to be a place to document the creation of
my sixth transformer costume, and my third Optimus Prime costume.

This will be a fully transformable Optimus based on the G1 version
of Prime.

So far I have only picked up a few of the supplies and drawn up some
designs. Tomorrow I hope to pick up the rest of the initial supplies and
get started on construction.

You're awesome, NANDY! I can't wait to see the finished product. BUILD ON! :D


I, too, attempted to make a transforming Optimus costume with a spinnign torso that ended with me sitting backwards inside it when it was in vehicle mode. Unfortunately I decided to make it really big (the expanding chest idea never occured to me) which meant that I ended up wearing stilts to increase the length of the legs. Have you ever tried to sit down whilst wearing stilts??? Especially whilst trapped in a huge bulky costume? It was impossible, and the memory of that abysmal failure still bugs me.

I really REALLY wanna see it happen. You're my last, best hope dude. BUILD ON!

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