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Forearm Takes Shape

Taking a break from working on the costume. The forearm is starting
to shape up. I have the general design of how it's gonna work out in my
head now. I measured it up with the chest to make sure it'll all fit together
in truck mode. So far so good.

Here's the 4 pieces I've built so far which will make up the forearm.

Here's the pieces put together, nothing glued yet. you can see on the
top an open space near the hand, that's going to be a flip up communicator
like the Masterpiece Prime has. The piping in the back is going to be where
the fake hydraulics hook into, they can freely rotate. The open area on the right
part of the arm is going to be a hinged piece allowing my whole arm to pull
out when it's time to transform. The reason the bottom is so short is that
the headlight is going to swing up from underneath to cover the front of the arm.
So the headlight will be making up the rest of the bottom of the forearm.