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Hydraulics work :D

So I did a lot of work on the arms the last two days. The main
frame of the forearm is nearing completion, I really wanted to test
out how the "hydraulics" would work on the arms so I built part of
the upper arms, it worked fairly well, I need to get some more tubing
for the upper portion of it though, cause it kinda likes to go where it
wants to and doesn't work out so well when I have my arm in it, but
seems like it should stabalize once I get the rest of the supports for it.
Tomorrow I'll probably try to finish the rest of the upper arm frame and
see how it all works together.

Arm laid flat, I should really rotate these before posting lol.

Another arm laid flat.

Arm from back, good shot of hydraulics

Arm in kinda transformed mode lol.