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Shoulder starts to shape up

I did a lot of work on the shoulder tonight. I built the mechanism which
will allow for the forearm to move left to right *hopefully*. It's difficult
to test at this stage since everything is still pretty loose and not really
secured down as I prototype the arm and move pieces around. I did
some tests though and it seems as though it should rotate properly, though
I do see some problems where it could potentially pop out of place, I will
just have to be careful when I'm wearing the costume as to not damage
it as that would wreck the transformation. There are some slots on the
side of the shoulder which I cut in, these are where the smokestack will
connect and it will swivel from the back to the side as it transforms.
Quite a lot of pictures today.

Here's the pieces of the shoulder layed out ready to be

This is the upper arm which attaches the forearms to the shoulders
the circular piece is part of what is used to rotate the forearms.

Here's the shoulder all glued together and attached to the upper arm.
You can see where the smokestacks will connect in this picture
and how they will swivel from side to back.

Here's a view from the top, the large circular piece connects down
to the upper arm to help with the swivel. The biggest problem is with the
lower part coming off of its tracks.

A view of the arm all attached, kind of transformed.

The arm from behind. Good shot of the "hydraulics"

Shot of the arm all layed out, can see the inside of the shoulder.
The upper arm is rotated 90 degrees in this shot.